Welcome to the W9AUB / W9PUC Alumni Group!

This group is looking for anyone that was affiliated with the Purdue Calumet Amateur Radio Society at the Purdue University Calumet Campus in Hammond, IN.  The club has operated under two call signs starting with W9AUB (before 1961) and then it was changed to it’s current call, W9PUC in 1997.   The current club station is housed in the Potter Building and features a tower with a tri-band beam.  Amateur Radio at Purdue Calumet, has been going on for over 50 years, but little history if any was ever recorded and that’s the main purpose of the W9AUB / W9PUC Alumni Group.  This is a NO DUES group.  We hope to showcase the club’s extensive history on this site.


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Better copy of the W9PUC QSL Card Uploaded

Just got done uploading a much better copy of the W9PUC qsl card. You can see it under the history page.

W9PUC QSL Card - 2001. Photo by Mark, K9MQ, Card Designed by Mike, KB9FUM

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w9aub.org is now active for our website!


W9AUB has been issued!!!

A little after midnight local time, I checked the FCC’s website and saw that W9AUB was issued to us just a little while ago!!!!  Good Bye KC9UAC, Hello W9AUB!

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W9AUB Callsign Change Request

I have filed a application today to change the club callsign from KC9UAC to W9AUB, the original Purdue Calumet Amateur Radio Society callsign.

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New Club Callsign

The W9AUB / W9PUC Alumni Group was issued our first club callsign KC9UAC today.  We hope to obtain the Purdue University Calumet Amateur Radio Society’s original callsign, W9AUB as soon as possible.  We would like to make it available to club members for special events.

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W9AUB QSL Card from 1961

Courtesy of Carl Luetzelschwab, K9LA

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